Medical Laboratory Interoperability Solutions

Medical Laboratory Interoperability Solutions

Laboratories need to deliver test results electronically, reliably, and efficiently to referring physician’s EMRs, all in a timely and affordable manner. Delivering in today’s competitive market is essential.

Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with your referring physician community creates a strategic advantage for your laboratory, and Corepoint Health’s solutions support your efforts through proven lab integration software.

Labs using the Corepoint and Rhapsody interoperability platforms gain the agility and control to deliver interfaces based on their terms and time schedule, connecting any physician practice anywhere, with no barriers.

Learn how an interoperability engine platform can optimize your lab workflows and operations.

Achieve real-time, cost-effective integration to clients

  • Connect quickly with any EHR, LIS, or provider system whether on-premise or in the cloud
  • Eliminate the complexity associated with establishing interfaces with new referring providers

Gain control of data exchange

  • Avoid the time and cost of relying on application vendors to create point-to-point interfaces
  • Make any needed adjustments using intuitive point and click features, whether integration requires translating NPI, or mnemonic doctor codes
  • Receive orders and send results securely and electronically

Save time supporting integration

  • Proactively resolve issues by setting alerts to automatically notify the desired party when connections stop.
  • Access message logs to resend messages or resolve patient data issues
“On an average I’d estimate we’re saving a good 75% of our development time using Corepoint, and that means I’m spending more time enhancing workflows and ultimately, improving patient care for our lab.” 
- Sung Pyo, Lab Systems Engineer 
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