Interoperability Solutions for Health Information Exchanges

Interoperability Solutions for Health Information Exchanges

While the healthcare industry has made significant strides in the adoption of health information technology, the seamless exchange of medical information remains beyond the reach of most organizations. The ability for disparate entities to share lab results, clinical care summaries, and other health data can significantly improve patient outcomes, and is becoming even more essential in the era of value-based care. 

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) play a pivotal role in helping all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – including providers, payers, and patients – share data. HIEs are also increasingly connecting with data trading partners outside traditional healthcare settings to access and share data related to social determinants of health. 

This requires an understanding and ability to use many different types of healthcare data standards, such as:

  • HL7
  • FHIR
  • CCDA
  • X12
  • And others

Lyniate’s two integration enginesCorepoint and Rhapsodypower many of the nation’s state and regional HIEs to facilitate this type of information exchange, allowing them to normalize and analyze data to deliver insights — not just data — to their customers. HIEs have been relying on Lyniate’s solutions for more than 15 years to enable interoperability.

Two HIE Case Studies: Manifest MedEx and HealthInfoNet 

In a recent webcast, Drew Ivan, Chief of Product & Strategy for Lyniate, spoke with executives of two HIEs for an overarching discussion about healthcare interoperability. Joining Ivan were David Kates, Chief Technology Officer of Manifest MedEx, and Shaun T. Alfreds, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of HealthInfoNet. Their discussion covered how HIEs are positively impacting interoperability, and what these two organizations are doing to manage large volumes of patient data.  



In addition to working directly with HIEs, Lyniate also partners with other vendors to develop custom solutions for HIEs. For instance, we're collaborating with CareCom, a leading provider of terminology services management, in Lyniate's Co-Creation Lab to develop a tailored data-normalization solution for our shared customer Manifest MedEx. The solution will be scalable, adaptable, and easily replicated for other healthcare organizations looking for customized integration support for health information exchange.


Interested in reading how Rhapsody by Lyniate enables interoperability for HealthVantics and Rochester RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization)?

Download the Case Study

Lyniate is a proud partner of Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC), the national collaborative representing HIEs and their strategic business and technology partners. 

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